FAU: Colloqium Practicum / Project

 FAU: Colloqium Practicum/Project

The Enterprise Computing Group is providing support for a number of internships and project positions every semester. In weekly meetings important information is exchanged and announcements are made. Participants can use these meetings as a platform to exchange experiences made during their work on the project. In an open discussion the progress of the individual projects is communicated to the other participants.

A project/internship in the Enterprise Computing Group is structured as follows:

Projects are provided by an industrial partner or by the group itself. You can work on your project topics in a free time schedule. During the semester an electronic laboratory diary is kept, which is checked at sporadic intervals by the supervisor of the project. In weekly meetings general feedback and suggestions for improvements will be presented. Participation is not obligatory.
The meetings take place on thursdays between 4 pm and 6 pm. However you should plan for a small time buffer, sometimes it takes a little bit longer.

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