FAU: Mainframe Programming I



Time and place:

  • Time and place on appointment

Fields of study

  • WF INF-MA (ECTS-Credits: 5)

Prerequisites / Organisational information

The course is offered as an online course (StudOn) in self-study. Registration for the course takes place via the StudOn portal, the number of participants is limited.

Communication takes place via e-mail and forum.

If necessary, a meeting date will be agreed.

The course requires a certain command of a programming language (e.g. Java, C / C ++ / C #, etc.), as well as experience with IDEs (eg. Eclipse, VisualStudio, etc.)



The term “mainframe” refers to large computer systems that are used in the economy for extremely large applications. Typical industries are banks and insurance companies, but also car manufacturers and AI users.

The online course should now open up the opportunity to gain experience with the programming of a mainframe. This includes the elementary programming tasks such as editing, translating, binding, loading, executing and debugging, which are practiced using examples in the programming language CoBOL.

The architecture of the mainframes are illuminated both from the point of view of the computer architecture as well as the user view. In particular, the virtualization options and the common operating systems such as z / OS and Linux are treated on the mainframes.

The conclusion and outlook are data management and integration into the IT system landscape.



0. Welcome and introduction

1. CoBOL programming

2. Introduction Mainframes

3. IBM mainframe architecture

4. z / OS

5. Application programming

6. Virtualization

7. Linux

8. Integration in the IT system landscape


Recommended Literature

Will be provided through StudOn.