Practicum/Project: Transactions Human Resources

Over 13 million employees receive their pay slips via DATEV. This is why quality assurance has top priority.

The payroll core for the payroll accounting product LODAS is maintained and further developed by RZ. Due to the professional as well as technical complexity of this payroll core on the payroll accounting side, there is a high demand for individually prepared tests.

Your challenge is the testing and development of elements of test automation, module tests/unit tests, nightly build with the aim of increasing our quality assurance.

Skills/technologies that can be acquired in this way:

  • Software development on the mainframe
  • Software development with modern programming languages (e.g. Java)
  • Tools such as ID/z, GIT, HOST emulations/tools
  • Test Methodology/Test Management
  • agile development process
  • teamwork
  • Inclusion of customers (=software developer of the accounting core of LODAS on the data center side)

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