Practicum/Project: Low Code Platforms – An Alternative for Development under z/OS?

Low code platforms are currently on the rise and the range of available low code platforms is constantly increasing. To accelerate the development of software solutions, companies are increasingly relying on these development platforms, which make it possible to develop applications without having to write code. Low-code platforms offer a kind of “construction kit” of prefabricated components that can be combined to form an application using drag & drop. Regardless of this, it is possible to add your own code if required.

There are now a number of commercial providers of low-code platforms and tools on the market. The topic of the internship work is the evaluation of the relevant low-code platforms for the development of business applications and thus for a potential use at DATEV.

The aim is to investigate which market-relevant low-code platforms are basically available for the development of business applications and to evaluate these platforms with regard to their possible use at DATEV. A prerequisite for the use of one of these platforms is the creation of modern service-oriented applications that are basically platform-independent and can therefore be hosted on different target systems. Since the DATEV data center currently operates a high workload of business applications on the z-platform, one of the target platforms to be considered is the z-platform under z/OS or zLinux. The second target platform is Cloudfoundry on Linux under x86.

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