Practicum/Project: Rewriting Java on Z

During the internship in the department “Development Taxes” an existing Assembler-CICS-Program should be modernized. Knowledge in Assembler is not necessary, the information about the program will be explained to the trainee during a short training. The program is a master data service that reads this data from a VSAM file every time the system is rebooted and places it in main memory. This main memory is then accessed by reading from several programs. The goal is to replace the program with a Java Spring-Boot application. The master data should then no longer be read from memory by the programs themselves, but should be retrievable via a REST interface.

As part of a future migration, this master data is no longer maintained in a VSAM file, but in a DB2 database table. Therefore, the service should be able to read both the data from the VSAM file and from the database.


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