Practicum/Project: Design and implementation of a proactive DB monitor for the DB2 for z / OS database management system for visualizing and evaluating access path and runtime values (CPU / Elapsed-Time, etc.) especially for JAVA database applications

In view of agile software development, ever faster implementations of DB applications are required. Often the central aspect of the performance to be expected in production fades into the background or can only be considered late or insufficiently due to the lack of lightweight tools on the part of the DevOps teams. This can have a negative impact on the required development speed and subsequent stability of the respective application – in late sprints, central weaknesses of the DB and application design are sometimes first identified.

Relational database management systems such as Db2 for z/OS offer internal, valuable but in part unknown mechanisms (e.g. by means of so-called “special register variables”) which allow the externalization of access path and runtime values and thus an early evaluation of production-relevant metrics already in development systems without productive data. Within the scope of this task the design and implementation of an application should take place, which allows any JAVA database application to activate this proactive database monitor and to visualize and classify the collected information later.


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