Practicum/Project: AS00 adapter within DÜ 2.0

In an innovative development team, we develop cloud applications on the basis of new existing data transfers, which DATEV designs as an interface and strategic partner between entrepreneurs, law firms, offices, banks or business partners. Most of these existing data transfers are written in COBOL or assembler languages ​​and are no longer state-of-the-art. Therefore, these data transfers should be successively modernized or rewritten.
As part of the internship, an adapter solution is to be developed, which enables the service department to inspect the data transfer portfolios. In this case, a Java application is to be developed, which receives the DÜ data via the existing data storage service, processes it according to its expertise and forwards it to the frontend via the proprietary CICS interfaces.
Experience in the programming languages ​​COBOL and Assembler is not necessary.

  • knowledge in Java
  • knowledge with REST / Swagger / SOA
  • interest in new topics and complex problems

Optional / desirable:

  • Spring / SpringData / SpringBoot
  • TDD
  • basic knowledge in CICS
  • Project experience in online development
  • Knowledge of SQL (DB2) or NoSQL (MongoDB) databases


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