Getting started: In 3 steps to Cobol development with gradle

1. Install

To use the plugin, you need GNUCobol and Gradle.

On Ubuntu 18.10 and higher:

sudo apt install gradle gnucobol

On Arch (via yaourt):

yaourt gnu-cobol gradle


2. Configure your project

Create the project structure:

├── build.gradle  (empty)
└── settings.gradle  (empty)

Import the plugin from the provided repo (in your settings.gradle):

pluginManagement {
	repositories {
		maven {
			url ''

Add to your build.gradle:

plugins {
     id 'de.sebastianruziczka.Cobol' version 'latest'


Insert HelloWorld in src/main/cobol and run it with the single command:

gradle helloWorld


Run your application with

gradle runDebug

or build an complete executable and run it with:

gradle runExecutable

Additional configuration

A minimal configuration for more than one file cobol source file:

cobol {
     srcMain = 'HelloWorld' // Path to your main file in src/main/cobol without the file extension .cbl


Additional information